Google Pixel.. Interesting or Boring?

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

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Google Pixel is a very very respectable name in smartphone industry. There are obviously certain reasons for that. One being coming from a trusted brand like Google , second the clean bloat free stock Android and the best camera with state of the art Gcam.

The simplicity with high performance and awesome camera has always been the USP for Pixel lineup. (previously Nexus). Up until Pixel 4, it was always coming with flagship processor for that year (Snapdragon 800 series) with a high price. But last year pixel tried to get into midrange market with Pixel 3A and we all know that was a huge huge hit. Great phone with awesome camera and clean Android. They are continuing the legacy this year too with Pixel 4A already being launched at only $349.

At this price you are getting an 5.81 inches OLED display with hole punch cutout for selfie camera with the power of Qualcomm SD 730G processor and Adreno 618 GPU. And as expected an Awesome Camera. This is not a large phone but if someone prefers a handy phone with one handed usage, It is THE PERFECT one. There is also a 5G variant of Pixel 4A expected to be launched within end of 2020.

Google has changed their stance with Pixel lineup. Pixel 5 may not be coming with a SD 800 series processor, it might be arriving with SD 765G. So the price will be significantly cheaper. And for markets like in India the phone will go head on with the likes of OnePlus Nord.

Events are taking an interesting turn. Pixel lineup in coming days will be more and more interesting with Google targeting the midrange customers. Who doesn't want to use a bloat free clean Android with excellent cameras. ..

Brace yourselves guys. Pixel lineup is gonna very very interesting.

Information Source: gsmarena

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