The New MOTO RAZR 5G.. Folding era continues..

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

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The folding devices era continues to grow. This time it's Motorola with their ever popular iconic Razr series. The latest Moto Razr 5G is an significant improvement compared to the few months earlier version which came with 4G connectivity.

In terms of specifications, it comes with 5G enabled Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G CPU and Adreno 620 GPU. It has two displays, one 6.2 inch foldable and another outer display of 2.7 inch. Both are OLED displays so color accuracy and clarity will be top notch. In terms of optics, it has two cameras, one 48 MP main camera and 20 MP selfie camera. But interesting thing is you can use the 48 MP one as selfie camera too . The fingerprint scanner is under Moto batwing logo this time .This foldable form factor is so different and it actually serves the portability factor.

When folded it's actually very handy and portable device with the secondary OLED screen has so many handy features like quick replying to texts, checking notifications, media control and even YouTube play. When unfolded, it is a fully functional device with all the capabilities.

Last time the hinge was not good and we have seen in Jerryrigeverything's video that it fell apart very awfully . This time the hinge is quite good and the in hand feel is awesome for this phone.

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Information Source: Unbox Therapy, Dave Lee, MKBHD

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