Tom Clancy's Elite Squad- Ubisoft Released Brand New RPG Game For Android and iOS

Ubisoft has launched their highly anticipated brand-new Free- To-Play RPG game with real-time combat,for both android and iOS platform on 27th August 2020, as they promised last year to bring Tom Clancy's franchise to mobile platform.

Elite Squad brought back iconic heroes and villains like Caveira, Sam Fisher, El Sueño, and others from Tom Clancy’s video games like Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six Seige, Splinter Cell, EndWar, H.A.W.X and The Division together. You can train each of the characters to make them more powerful.

Players can play the Campaign mode for the game’s storyline mode along with the 5vs5 real-time PvP battles with other players. For now, the game features four iconic battlefields- The Death Angel Church (Ghost Recon Wildlands), Detention Facility (Splinter cell Blacklist), Brooklyn Bridge (The Division 1), and Presidential Plane (Rainbow Six Siege).

Players can upgrade the weapons for their team members. Additionally, new recruits can be allowed to upgrade their capabilities. One can choose from knives, assault rifles and more to equip team members. Additionally, you can summon airstrikes, focus attacks and more to help your team win the battles. The game requires clever strategies to win matches.

On Android, Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is almost a 123MB download. However, post installations, the game downloads an addition 1.5GB data to carry on with the gameplay. Same stands for iOS devices where the App Store download weighs 204MB.

Link to their official Website:

Watch the Trailer below.

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