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Updated: Sep 2, 2020

India being a country of 138 crores population has always been a prime target for any consumer goods manufacturing companies and smartphones is no exception to that. India is already a huge market for smartphones and it still has huge capacity to grow in considering more users are coming into smartphones from feature phone usage. 

Indian smartphone market is huge for budget and mid-range smartphone makers. Flagship phones are sold really well in numbers but usage of budget and mid-range smartphones are always high as of now.

Considering that point, companies like Xiaomi, Realme and recently Samsung are the market leaders.

Recent Anti-China movement has been very significant in smartphone industries. If you look closely, there are very few offerings if you exclude China from smartphone sector. Let's look into realistic views of every major smartphone brands operating in India currently.


Iphone is always the best choice for a smartphone with excellent hardware and software combination. Truly speaking, there is no one with combination of IOS and Bionic processor but it comes at a very expensive price point. 

Even if  they are trying for the upper mid-range market with iPhone SE 2020 (Roughly around 40k), it's a huge price considering Indian Market. But anti-china statement might increase their sale a little higher. The bottom line is "If you can afford iPhone, always go for it".

(Video Courtesy: Apple)


OnePlus is the best selling brand for flagship range smartphones in India operating in 30k+ price bracket but recently, they have entered the midrange market with OnePlus Nord and the company is reportedly working one more than one budget centric models one of which may even come around 12k price bracket.

Oxygen OS onboard with good hardware is the key but OnePlus is also a Chinese company. So. their journey is expected to be full of mixed feelings. (Video Courtesy: OnePlus)


This is the highest selling smartphone brand in India till now but they are expecting huge challenge due to anti-china scenario. Xiaomi has always offered excellent value-for-money smartphones over the course of last 5 years in India and approximately over 40% of Indians using a smartphones have any kind of Xiaomi smartphone model. 

If we talk about quality it has been good for low values. But their popularity seems to be related to midrange and budget range only. For flagship range people end to prefer other brands like OnePlus or Samsung. So, Xiaomi will need to come up with uniqueness in their upcoming models because their No. 1 smartphone brand title is under huge challenge.

(Video Courtesy: Xiaomi India)


Another Chinese brand like Xiaomi which has recently seen a huge success in Indian market due to their good value for money propositions. But, recently it seems due to challenges from other smartphone manufacturers and anti-china statement is leading them to operate somewhat confusingly.

More than one smartphones in same price range is surely going to confuse end users more. They have a great potential but they seem to be more competition centric rather than consumer centric nowadays. (Video Courtesy: Realme India)


Nokia, a brand which speaks emotion and history. We all love Nokia from the core of the heart and has at least own one Nokia phone in the past. However, that Nokia is no more but emotion is still there and HMD Global after acquiring Mobile divisions of Nokia has started making android smartphones whose USP is Android One offering. Clean stock android with zero bloatware feels so fresh. 

HMD Global is a Finnish Brand so their popularity is not gonna decrease in recent future. But the main problem with Nokia phones is it is always overpriced if you compare the same hardware with other successful brands like Xiaomi or Realme. If they come up with more competitive price point, who knows Nokia can rule Indian market again. What do you think?

(Video Courtesy: Nokia)


This brand has huge potential in Indian market and they have proved it in the past with their M series phones but the OS ZenUI have had mixed feelings in the past .

Their upcoming Zenphone 7 will compete with flagship phones. and ROG phones has always been one of a kind gaming smartphone with excellent price. (Video Courtesy: Asus)


With all the anti-china scenario emerging and Samsung being one of the most respected brand all over the world, they have a huge market to grab in India. Samsung was indeed one of the most loved and selling brand after Android came in but they fell behind with the likes of Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Realme etc in budget range and midrange. But from last couple of years they are trying a comeback with their M series and A series.


That has been a huge hit. In flagship range Samsung was and will always be an excellent choice though. In the upcoming times we may see more and more budget phones to be launched in India by Samsung. (Video Courtesy: Samsung India)


These chinese brands have been good with their smartphones . Oppo and Vivo mainly operating in budget and Midrange scenario and IQOO competing for flagship range. But they are going to face huge challenges which in turn give us the opportunity to see exciting offerings from their end. Stay Tuned.


Indian smartphone brands have always played a short innings. But this is time they are gonna return with a bang. Watch out for exciting smartphones from brands like Micromax, Lava and Intex. Truly speaking, earlier they used to rebrand Chinese models but now we expect them to come up with new ideas and we, Indians would love see that. 

(Video Courtesy: Hindustan Times)

The most exciting part is Reliance JIO is gearing up in android smartphone sector with their strategic partnerships with Google and Qualcomm. Brace yourselves, time is coming to be proud of being an Indian. We all would love to own a smartphone being made totally in India by an Indian brand. That time is coming guys.. SOON

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